About Blogworthy

It all started with a simple idea. Create useful and inspiring products for bloggers, writers, and creative entrepreneurs.

Starting a blog or business is very exciting. If you've ever published or sold something online, you know that it’s an intimate and unique experience. And it's not something that everyone can do well. So if you’ve found any level of success, you should be proud of yourself.

But it can also be tough…real tough. That’s why it’s our goal to walk the journey with you, every step of the way. We promise to be honest, passionate, and human. Don’t walk this journey alone.

Who We Are

aaron smith

Aaron Smith

Aaron is married and has three children: four years, two years, and four months. He has been married for 10 years and has traveled all over the world.

While Aaron has managed social media, web development, and product development for various companies, he and his wife have self-published seven books; including one traditionally published book with Tyndale House Publishers.

Aaron and his wife have been blogging for over 10 years and Aaron has always built, strategized, and monetized their platforms. Along with running Blogworthy and their two successful blogs, Aaron consults with companies and bloggers to help them grow their influence.  


simon villeneuve

Simon Villeneuve

Simon is a husband to one and father of two. He was born into a hard-working, blue-collar family. His father, a machinist by trade, eventually worked his way up the corporate ladder and found success, but it took working many long, hard hours doing something he hated for those he loved.

However deeply Simon respects his dad’s hard work, he knew things didn’t have to be that way for himself. He wanted to find a way to turn his passion into a profession so he could spend his life doing something he loved with the people he loved. 

He’s the co-founder of Blogworthy, a professional blogger, and consultant who advises businesses of all sizes in the areas of brand and content strategy. 

What We Make

Inspiring Apparel for Independent Bloggers

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Courses for Bloggers & Writers

Right now we’re working on a new course to help you write and self-publish your own book in just 90 days. We’ll show you everything we know, including pointing out hard-to-find shortcuts and common blind spots that will save you lots of wasted time and money.

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Weekly Articles

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