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Step 4: Share Your Story

At times it will feel overwhelming: you will need to write regularly, keep up with comments, and build products. This being said, you are going to have to remember why you started and keep moving forward toward your goals. Here are some key features of a blog worth reading that will hopefully help you on your journey.

1. Start with your story

First, it’s common not to know where to start. If that’s you, consider sharing your story. Just because it’s something you have lived, experienced, and are used to, never underestimate its power to heal or inspire.

2. Stay consistent

Second, even while you are finding your voice and trying to settle into a groove, it’s important to stay consistent. Being consistent is crucial to developing an audience. The people who follow you will want to know that when they come to read your articles, they are going to find something new.

3. Speak up

Third, you never know what will help and inspire people. If you’re stuck on what to write next, consider featuring other people’s stories—especially the stories that move you— because chances are since they’re similar to yours, they will also inspire your audience. Also, answer your audience’s most pressing questions. If it’s a problem for one person in your audience, it’s likely a question for most, even if they’re the only one had the courage or time to speak up.

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