Hi, friend! We're Aaron and Jennifer. We've been blogging since February 2011 and we want to teach you a few things we've learned.

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Hello, Friend!

We’re Aaron & Jennifer Smith. We live in Bend, Oregon with our five children. Over the last ten years, we’ve had tens of millions of people read our articles, watch our videos, and buy our books. And this all started with a little blog.

Today, we have over 1,300,000 social media followers, a few hundred thousand email subscribers, and we make a living off our platform. Here’s why we share all this with you…

You see, we’ve been bloggers since February 2011 when we started UnveiledWife.com. Since, we’ve been able to write and publish over a dozen books, some of which have landed on Publisher’s Weekly Top 10 and have become Amazon bestsellers.

In short, that little blog that nobody knew about changed our life.

And that’s why we started Blogworthy. This website is intended to be a free resource to help people like you start a blog and experience the same blessings we have. It’s easy, so worth it, and we’ll show you how to do every step.

If you’re not a blogger yet, check out Step 1: Where to Start and we’ll show you how.

Back to blogging,

Aaron & Jennifer Smith